Just another mass murder shooting.

Jun 18, 2015

Some people have asked the question ....was the Charleston church massacre shooter mentally ill or a hate criminal....? 

Was the shooter mentally ill or did he just hate black people so much that he would sit with them for about an hour during a Bible studies meeting and then start shooting those who had been sitting with there in prayer...? Also, making sure that he left survivors so he could tell them that he hated them so much he had to do it because 'they' were raping our women and taking over our country.

When you make statements like he said and act out as he did....your hate IS the mental illness. They are the same difference.

This country is very racist...and this country is very mentally ill.

Our society is now experiencing it's own cultural climate change....and last night was just another perfect storm of easy accessibility of guns, racist hate and victimization. Since the shooter had just turned 21 you can also say our education system also failed that we didn't educate him onto the correct path to be able to think for himself and to see the world as it actually is. 

Instead he got sucked into racist hatred via social media. I won't be surprised in the coming weeks when the authorities release the autopsy of the shooter's confiscated computer. I'm sure we will find he spent time with hate sites in addition to the church's WEB site.....collecting info such as the pastor's name, address of the church, Bible study times, etc, etc.... The shooter wasn't a citizen of  Charleston....he lived in Eastover, S.C....almost a 100 miles away from Charleston. He targeted his victims.

Our education system failed him/us by allowing him to drop out of while other kids are studying reading, writing and arithmatic....he's studying- that he's a victim, his women are being raped and he's losing his country. We allowed him, a young kid to roam around in the internet world of victimized hate without the ability to think and to see the world as it is.

The media and our leaders are going to be asking and pointing fingers at guns, social media hate sites, the rebel flag flying on the state capitol and ...did he do this all by himself....(?) I really don't understand why everybody is looking for an answer, because nobody ever does anything about it.  There is no ONE's all of the above and...

We have met the enemy and he is us.


-Milt Priggee

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