Media Monday

Jul 13, 2015

You want to see what newspapers used to be like...? When the newspapers weren't afraid to make a statement for the defense of it's citizen readers....? When publishers cared about defending their bottom line by puting their passions on the front page...?

Check out the link above....The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson Miss. wanted to find out which of it's state legislators were for and against removing the Confederate battle flag from their state flag. The executive editor had a hunch that there may be bunch a racists in the state legislature. In their roll call to find out who was for and who was against the stars and bars aspect of the state flag...they found an even bigger story. 

67 legislators went on record but the bigger story was almost twice as many ...106 to be exact, did not want to take a position.... either way. This story is just another example of what I've always said...more and more people nowadays just don't want to do their jobs anymore. They don't have any problem accepting their paychecks...but doing their job for it...forget it.

These are state legislators, who citizens of Mississippi are expecting to be debating their issues. How can you debate anything if you are not willing to even say how you feel on whatever subject....?? Especially easy issues like the confederate flag as your state flag. 

Taking a position on issues is the very essence of being a representative of the people in a state legislature and more than half of them in Mississippi don't even understand why they are there.



-Milt Priggee

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