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Jul 19, 2015

Has The Donald gone too far this time...? Hating innocent Mexicans is one thing but now attacking a former POW of the Viet Nam war is quite another.

Trump denounced Sen. John McCain, a former Navy pilot who spent five and a half years in the Hanoi Hilton. With two of those years in solitary confinement.....and from time to time was tortured just for the fun of it. It's amazing the Senator not only survived but prospered after his military experiences.

Trump's actual words were, 'He's not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured.

After those remarks His Bloviator denied saying that McCain isn't a war hero. He added, 'If somebody's a prisoner, I consider them a war hero.'

So what are we to believe, the first pronouncement or the denial. No matter which you believe he said is truthful- either way he's then a classic liar. His tongue is a walking talking contradiction. The problem with Trump is that his mouth speaks faster than his brain can comprehend. Personally- I don't think either are connected with the other.

This Trump is in desperate need of a tele-promter ... due to the fact that he isn't capable of speaking his mind- mainly because he doesn't have one. 

What set Trump off on his latest example of talking out of both sides of his mouth? Last week Senator McCain accused Trump of 'firing up the crazies' referring to the growing extreme element in the GOP. I guess the truth hurts. These 'crazies' have propelled Trump to the number one position in the national polls.

What Trump lacks in common sense he makes up for it in hutzpah....big time. While McCain was ejecting from a burning jet over North Viet Nam, Trump was collecting his four academic and medical deferments from military service. Just this fact of dodging the Viet Nam war you'd think Trump would let this sleeping dog lie.

That was the comes the PAH. 

He called McCain a 'loser' because he lost in his bid for the White House in 2008. Trump, a businessman who has been forced into four, count 'em four corporate bankruptcies calls McCain a loser.

I guess Trump believes in the old adage, I don't care what you say about me as long as you keep saying it.

-Milt Priggee

The R- word

Jul 18, 2015

Amazing......Confederate flag demonstrators greeted President Obama in Oklahoma while visiting a Federal prison to discuss his efforts to overhaul the criminal-justice system. That's not as surprising as when the demonstrators then say they're not racists. It makes one wonder then what do those racists believe is.... racist.....?

Well- that's proof that racists are a special kind of stupid.....and as Ron White says, You can't fix stupid.

Racists waving the confederate flag outside the first black president of America's hotel is NOT (?) racist  they're just out here supporting their flag.

I'm not saying they don't have the right to gather and fly whatever flag they want. I'm also not saying they don't have the right to lie about what they are doing or who they are. That's what freedom of speech and expression looks like. In a free country you are going to see and hear things that are so disagreeable...they're just not going to make any sense. I AM saying I'm totally AMAZED. Amazed that they think this is supporting their flag. This is just further proof that racists have more than one screw loose. 

It just keeps keeps bouncing around inside my does any sane brain look at a flag that has represented white supremacists hatred for the black race for 150 years say the flag doesn't have anything to do with racism......??? How is that possible?

It's possible when a society doesn't value it's history. When a culture celebrates the traitors of it's past, the celebration legitimizes the symbols of the traitors. That celebration tends to white wash the history of those symbols. When the uneducated see the long-time celebrated symbol, they don't see the history- they see the celebration. 


-Milt Priggee

Media Monday

Jul 13, 2015

You want to see what newspapers used to be like...? When the newspapers weren't afraid to make a statement for the defense of it's citizen readers....? When publishers cared about defending their bottom line by puting their passions on the front page...?

Check out the link above....The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson Miss. wanted to find out which of it's state legislators were for and against removing the Confederate battle flag from their state flag. The executive editor had a hunch that there may be bunch a racists in the state legislature. In their roll call to find out who was for and who was against the stars and bars aspect of the state flag...they found an even bigger story. 

67 legislators went on record but the bigger story was almost twice as many ...106 to be exact, did not want to take a position.... either way. This story is just another example of what I've always said...more and more people nowadays just don't want to do their jobs anymore. They don't have any problem accepting their paychecks...but doing their job for it...forget it.

These are state legislators, who citizens of Mississippi are expecting to be debating their issues. How can you debate anything if you are not willing to even say how you feel on whatever subject....?? Especially easy issues like the confederate flag as your state flag. 

Taking a position on issues is the very essence of being a representative of the people in a state legislature and more than half of them in Mississippi don't even understand why they are there.



-Milt Priggee

150 years late

Jul 10, 2015

Well they brought down the traitors flag from over a 150 years ago. What took them so long I'll never know. OK- I do know, I guess I should say I don't understand why it was put up in 1961 in the first place.

And what the hell was going on in the U.S. Congress about making sure the traitors flag could or should still be flown 'n' sold at national cemeteries.

I guess it's still further proof how deep racism is rooted in this country

Racism is so deeply rooted...that most people don't even know what it is. Most people believe to be a racist means you have to wear a white robe and fly the rebel battle flag.

-Milt Priggee

The hypocritical rapist

Jul 9, 2015

So- Bill Cosby is a rapist.

The Cos is not in jail right now because he used his drugs 'n' money to abuse lady justice. Seriously- he's not in jail because of the statute of limitations....for the individual crimes. What about the criminal ....the SERIAL criminal...who has been accused and confessed....? I guess if you have enough money . the statute of limitations works out pretty good for you.

Cosby exploited a huge hole in our justice system. This mess seems to be a slow motion accident that is far from the terrible tumbling. I just now found out that some states may NOT have a statute of limitations for sexual abuse.

Now...he's being drawn 'n quartered in the court of public opinion. He's toxic....commercial interests are dropping they're association with what used to be America's lovable father figure. Disney is is removing a bronze bust of him from Disney World. TV Land is dropping his popular show from their rerun lineup.

Joe Paterno looked the other way, the Donald shoots off his mouth, Tiger Woods cheated, Jared Fogle 'Mr. Subway' hires a sick child porn aficionado to work at his foundation.....but Cosby drugged, raped, bought off, denied and lied.  

Seems like these celebrities messing up seems to be getting worse and worse every time one is revealed. 

It's weird because these celebrity people seem to go out of their way to do themselves in. Or maybe it's just karma's way they have just been the receipient of just way too much money.

-Milt Priggee

Jason Pierre-Paul

Jul 8, 2015


Happy Fourth of July....celebrating our Independence.

What does that mean to you...? Does that mean watching fireworks at night like Francis Scott Key did over two hundred years ago that inspired him to write our national anthem....?


Does that mean reveling in our God given right of free market capitalism to embrace pyromania....?


Literally believing in American Exceptionalism.... that playing with fire and gunpowder will not have any consequences....?

Not that much difference between the last two choices...except that one is a little safer than the other.

Buying and setting off your own fireworks as always been a pet peeve for me. .... which makes great material for me to comment on. I see my cartoons on this subject as a public service announcement... a reminder to be careful with your lethal explosives. 

The above cartoon I don't believe got much exposure in the print world as the visual subject matter of hands and fingers lying out on the street might be a bit shocking and we wouldn't want to make anybody to think twice about playing with matches and gunpowder. (I don't tell newspapers what to print and they don't tell me what to draw.)

When I saw the included news item about a man accidently killing himself while building a pipe bomb for his own Fourth of July celebration...I felt extremely justified in addressing the issue. Usually I exaggerate to make a point...but I only showed injuries in addressing an unfortunate death.

Then a couple of days after the fourth, it's reported that the New York Giants star defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is in a hospital getting his finger amputated due to playing with fireworks. This is a professional football player with an unsigned multi-million dollar contract on the table. When I use the word multi-million.... I don't mean 3 or 4...I mean we're talking as much as $60 million dollars.

Good luck signing that contract without your index finger.......because the Giants have pulled their $60 million contract offer.




-Milt Priggee

Media Monday at the Montgomery Sentinel

Jul 7, 2015

Traditional media is dissolving....journalistic ethics....and professional codes of conduct just aren't what they used to be. Which is somewhat surprising in this age of the internet. 

It turns out the Internet is a two edged it is very easy to double check the originality of a cartoon. On the other side, it's so easy to steal from the Internet, there is a growing number ne'er-do-wells who do just that.

In the old days (pre-Internet) plagiarists would have to copy the in the digital Internet age they don't even bother copying OR plagiarising it's just cut, copy 'n' paste STEALING. Meaning the thieves don't even bother trying to hide their theft by copying a cartoon so the art is at least in their own drawing style. 


-Milt Priggee

Media Monday....or Milt's moldy memories

Jul 6, 2015

The above link will take you to an EBAY page  that is auctioning off a personal letter that I sent an autograph collector. He or she requested a photo along with my autograph....maybe also along with a doodle or two....I really don't remember....mainly because the letter was sent more than 32 years ago.

The  hand-drawn stationary was originally from when I lived in Chicago.....which you see that address crossed out and replaced with the name and address of a newspaper that has been dead for almost 30 years...The Journal Dayton, Ohio. I was the last editorial cartoonist for the Journal Herald before it closed Sept.15, 1986....after starting there in the summer of '82.

I noticed the listing was from the UK....but I can't help but wonder....who would want to buy one of my hand written letters from 32 tears ago. More interestingly- WHY would anybody want a personally hand written from 32 years ago....? The most notable aspect of the letter was the perceived value of my correspondence.

Dave Thompson contacted me via Facebook and shared the Ebay link....that let me know I could buy my own personally written and signed letter for only ......$49.00

-Milt Priggee

Jun 29, 2015

Jon Stewert's monologue last night was very apropos. I also can not believe or accept ... or as Jon said wrap his head around the fact that we as a country will not do anything to try to avert another mass shooting.

We've accepted the fact that 

Heritage not hate....or heritage of hate....or the symbolic representation of victimhood. Well, which does the Confederate Flag represent...?....most likely all three. I've heard the heritage Vs hate debate for decades. I haven't heard as much about the victimhood aspect of the rebel flag.

I have read over the years that a significant amount of southerners are still fighting the American Civil War. Or they're still upset of the final outcome that they lost......and that flag flies everyday over the capitol dome, it's on t-shirts, license plates posters,etc,etc..... It's a constant reminder that since they lost they are being put victims. 



-Milt Priggee

Media Monday

Jun 29, 2015

Paul Conrad, famous LA Times editorial cartoonist was on Nixon's enemies list. Then had a series of audits by the IRS.

A small handful of editorial cartoonists have been sued for libel by businesses and businessmen (yeah Conrad was also on that list). FYI- no American cartoonist has ever lost a libel lawsuit

A growing number of staff editorial cartoonists in America have simply been expunged from our daily newspapers by publishers and editors. Those managers believe the best way to stop a ship from sinking is to shoot holes in the bottom to let the water out.

Most politicians (other than the afore mentioned Nixon) believe that when you are the subject of an editorial cartoon they've reached a certain level of power and influence. Depending on their level of vanity they check to see how fat and/or bald they were drawn. Once they've double checked to make sure their name was spelled correctly they let it be known that they would appreciate to own the original cartoon to be framed and to hang it in their office.......water closet.

So- a few lawsuits and layoffs...American cartooonists have had in easy compared to cartoonists in the rest of the world

-Milt Priggee

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