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Aug 3, 2011

 NEWS FLASH!!! Seattle Times Hires Staff Editorial CartoonistS....!
While visiting the Bellevue Art Fair this past weekend I walked by the Seattle Times booth where a solicitor asked me to subscribe to their newspaper. I replied by asking the  solicitor the name of their local staff editorial cartoonist. He said he couldn't remember their names. I said nameS??? He said, yeah- we have THREE! In fact one of them was in today's paper.
Needless to say I was shocked to hear this....I asked him to show me today's paper. I was really curious to see who one of these local cartoonists were.
Get this ....he didn't even have one copy of the product he was trying to sell. I told the solicitor that I found it hard to believe that the Seattel Times had hired a local cartoonist. That would've been big news....! 
On the way home I did buy a copy of the Sunday Seattle Times just to see who the new local graphic commentator was.
Just as I thought....there was NO local cartoon or local cartoonist published or mentioned in the Sunday paper.
SO- I seriously doubt there are three local staff editorial cartoonists working  for the Seattle Times, as their solicitor told me.
So much for newsprint credibility.....

-Milt Priggee

Aug 2, 2011

Duane Hagadone, owner of several N. Idaho newspapers believes a man's house is his castle and a 'job creator's' castle is

-Milt Priggee

Jul 12, 2011

 The New York Times has redesigned their Sunday edition of the Week In Review that used to reprint several editorial cartoons from across the country. After conditioning their readers for the last 76 years that this would be their only venue to see editorial cartooning, the editors of the NY Times decided to completely eliminate the art feature from their print platform.  The editors decided to experiment with their Sunday section by adding a political comic strip. I really wonder if the management will ever offer a reason why they haven't employed a staff cartoonist since Jan. 5th 1958 and now are not reprinting any editorial cartoons on Sunday...or any day. No- I'm not holding my breath.

-Milt Priggee

Mar 25, 2011
Well, I finally made it into the Chicago Tribune (see #60 at above link) .....but the most fascinating thing about me is that I'm included in the same article with Muddy Waters, Bob Woodward  and John Belushi...and oh yeah, Joe Newton- my HS track coach.
Just sharin'...

-Milt Priggee

Mar 3, 2010

 Today is my grandson Tanner's first birthday. He is the luckiest kid in the world because he has the greatest parents in the universe.
I always thought my daughter and then son were the most beautiful creatures ever....that is until I met Tanner.
I LOVE you Tanner and can't wait to see you again!
Grandpa & GrandJan

-Milt Priggee

Aug 19, 2009

 Howdy fans,
GREAT news- The Chicago Tribune finally got around to replacing their editotrial cartoonist Jeff Mac Nelly who passed away in 2000. (link below)
Scott is a great cartoonist and the Tribune is lucky to snag him. The big question now is WHY it took them almost a decade to hire a staff cartoonist.(?)
Newspapers can say all they want that they support journalism, The First Amendment and the freedom of speech....but when it comes to most everyhting in's money talks and BS walks.
The Chicago Tribune is now talking ...and hopefully the rest of American journalism is listening.

-Milt Priggee

Aug 14, 2009

 People are always surprised to hear that editorial cartoonists attend an annual convention.
Yes- we draw each other....but we are also a multitalented group as seen in  
the below link from this year's Seattle convention.
If you are aware of what's happening to the profession of editorial cartooning you'll appreciate the lyrics....


-Milt Priggee

Apr 21, 2009

 Two recent passings in Journalism...

First Jim Lange, long time editorial cartoonist of the Daily Oklahoman passed away at the age of 82. He drew in excess of 19,000 cartoons for his paper over a 58 year tenure. Jim and his beautiful wife Helen were running the sign- in desk at my first AAEC  convention in Nashville, so they were the first cartoonists I met outside of Chicago. Jim always had a kind word and support for every young cartoonist  he ever met. He will be missed.

And Speaking of Chicago....

Nick Shuman, a Chicagp Daily News editorial writer also recently passed away. The first time my mentor John Fischetti took me out to lunch was with Nick Shuman. He may have been a short man of stature but he was a giant  journalistically. I only wish I had more time to get to really know the Daily News journalists who introduced me to the world of newspapering.

I guess I have to accept that these passings will only increase as time continues to pass.

-Milt Priggee

Apr 20, 2009

 Hello WWW & WW, (world wide web and western Washington)

My name is Milt Priggee, I am an editorial cartoonist and welcome to my blog.

I will be using this personal forum to speak out  about my own personal opinions concerning politics. life, culture, media and especially cartooning. 

Usually, I share my opinions graphically and let my visuals do my speaking for me without any additional writing. This is different, this is my blog. I can also get a little bit or a lot more personal with this platform. 

This blog will be different. Instead of just reporting what has happened I hope to burrow underneath whatever I am addressing and try to explain WHY certain things happen or are occurring.

I am not a staff newspaper editorial cartoonist as the financial and journalistic environment can no longer support the art. I draw cartoons for my site and distribute them to whoever I can. This anti-American trend of watering down graphic commentary has been the norm for over half a century. What I mean by watering down is the elimination of staff editorial cartoonist positions from America's newspapers. This link is proof of the elimination has been going on well before the current recession and the Internet.

-Milt Priggee

Jul 9, 2008

Welcome to the new improved

-Milt Priggee

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