Speaking in Burlington, WA

Feb 9, 2015

Howdy Gang-

I've been a speaker with the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau for the last 2 plus years.


I'll be speaking tonight at the Burlington, WA Public Library, 6:30 pm for about an hour or so. It's my first solo speech since the Charlie Hebdo attack. So- it's going to be a lot of new info, images and discussion. I'm VERY happy to answer any AND all questions concerning editorial cartooning, the profession, the art and it's purpose in American journalism and democracy.

I have some slides where I share some historical, favorite, edited and yes, some rejected cartoons.

All the above plus a little drawing adds up to a lot of fun. So, if you can make it, SUPER, if not- we'll get together next time.



-Milt Priggee

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