Airway LOWS

Jul 21, 2015

What is it with racists....? What is wrong with their brains .....I mean other than the fact that they don't have one.

Whatever is affecting Trump it seems to be least to the mayor of Airway Heights in Washington State. (Check out the link above)

I can understand Trump's motor mouth not being connected to his brain. What I don't understand is the Mayor of Airway Heights FB posting...."Gorilla face Michelle, can't disagree with that. The woman is not attractive except to monkey man Barack. Check out them ears. LOL"

There is a big difference between posting and is a lot faster than the other....much easier for your tongue to trip over it's prejudice. Typing and posting allows a lot more time for the thought process in kick in....and if you still reveal yourself a ARE a racist.

The kicker is the mayor doesn't believe what he posted was racist....wait it gets better...but he says that if he does resign .....THAT will be an admission of proof that he is a racist.

How does a brain twist that logic so he believes it's NOT racist to call the first lady 'Gorilla face'....?? But resigning his office would prove he is racist. I know I pretty much repeated myself there. I'm just having a hard time trying to wrap my mind around that kind of thought process.

The mayor is the worst kind of who doesn't believe he is while spewing his vileness. He's a coward ...who doesn't have the guts to stand up for what he believes in.

Let's give the good ol' boy mayor the benefit of doubt about his first family FB racist post. Maybe he posted his racist feelings because this one time his brain was disconnected from what he typed. The weekly newspaper in Spokane, The Pacific Northwest Inlander reported that the mayor has posted and reposted at least 75 racists posts. That's no typo....he's posted at least 75 words of wisdom... This mayor is an embarrassment to the taxpayers, the city council and the entire community....not to mention himself and his family.

So now we're not talking a little one time oops...were talking about a community supporting this mayor as their leader. The mayor's position may be largely $2,000 a month. So- the bent over taxpayer's are paying $24,000. a year for a ceremonial..... 'MAY I HAVE ANOTHER CEREMONIAL--SIR!'


-Milt Priggee

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