A nuclear free Iran

Jul 22, 2015

SO- what is the reason that some people are against the nuclear deal with Iran? Are they really war mongers, looking to pick another fight with another middle eastern country? Or do they just don't like Iran?

Is it possible they have a better nuclear arms deal that is not being considered? Seriously? Not really because they, the Ridiculous Right really IS a bunch of war mongers, looking to pick a fight with another middle eastern country because they just don't like Iran.

The reason RR is a bunch of war mongers because we now have a all-volunteer armed more draft. You don't have to serve unless you really want to. Our military is the RR's favorite toy. They proclaim to be pro-life unless of course there is some problem they believe the military can fix. They also believe the military can fix everything....including their hatred for the country of Iran.

The problem is the American military isn't the solution, especially dealing with Iran, in fact- America really seems to be Iran's biggest problem.

Iran is controlled by a bunch of (interestingly) ridiculous right wingers...infused with way too much religion....Iran is a theocracy.

In physics- to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.... is also true with politics.

Yes- Iranian revolutionaries took over the U.S. embassy and 52 hostages, burned U.S flags and chanted Death To America! I have to ask why- what provoked Iranians do that?

Was it because our CIA toppled their elected leader back in 1953....and then installed a repressive puppet....? No? OK, then maybe it was our spending billions of dollars to support the Shah :ie repress the people of Iran....for decades.

After we got our hostages back we didn't apologize for the Shah, we supported Saddam the chemical weapons dictator (who since then we have fought two, count 'em two separate wars with Iraq). Again we spent our tax dollars supporting Saddam with weapons in their attack against Iran.

If that wasn't enough salt in the wound...we then in 1988 with one of our warships accidentally shot down an Iranian civilian airliner, killing 290 passengers, including 66 children.

Top all that off with Senator John McCain singing Bomb, Bomb, Iran....

Maybe it's time we start exporting more of our culture and less of our military.


-Milt Priggee

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