media monday

Jul 27, 2015

Check out the link won't believe how ridiculously bad this newspaper advertisement for a funeral home is. As far as journalism is concerned the TV station WEB site didn't do much better.

I'm not really sure why TV stations always tend to leave out the WHY and HOW of journalism's who, what, where and when.

You'll see the WEB site simply said "...was selected by the newspaper's production department." This supposed 'mistake'  is so blatant that it requires the basic WHY and HOW questions answered. I'm now wondering why or if the WHY and HOW questions were even asked by the TV station WEB site reporter. 

How did anybody pick this image of this soldier for the ad?

Why was any soldier even needed for the ad?

Usually ad buyers sign off on advertisements that are not created by themselves. Did the funeral home sign off and OK the ad...was something changed after the OK?

Was the production department person just completely ignorant of basic common knowledge facts about history?

Why wasn't any of this info included in the TV station's WEB site story?

News stories are supposed to answer questions...not produce more questions.

There is no excuse for these examples of bad journalism and....

I'm afraid the state of journalism is only going to get worse.

The ethical, financial and consumer environments of basic journalism just doesn't exist anymore.

The most important fact is that there isn't anybody that cares anymore. That's right, the users and producers of journalism just don't care about the final product like they should.....and more importantly they need to. 

SO- enjoy the sinking 'n' stinking status quo...


-Milt Priggee

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