Sep 1st, 1987

Apr 1, 1997
Sep 1, 1987


 This cartoon was probably the most remembered cartoon from my days on the east side of the state. I must say though that most of the credit must go to other people in the community for bringing this cartoon to the level that it did reach.


This cartoon was edited to soften it but when it ran you'd think the world as we knew it was coming to an end. The publisher ordered the editor to write and publish a public apology to run in the next day's paper.


I suggested he shouldn't apologize for something that doesn't call for apologizing. I added that it will only embarrass him, the publisher and the entire newspaper.


The editor said he agreed but he had his orders.


The day the apology ran as the only editorial, I received a phone call from an editor from a daily newspaper from a nearby community who had read my editor's attempt at trying to explain away the humor of the cartoon.


The editor from the nearby newspaper before even introducing himself excitedly said, "Hold on we're sending in the cavalry-!....We're attacking the sad 'n' sick attempt of an apology editorial in your paper today!!"


I replied..".uh, Thank you,...who is this...?"

He then introduced himself, Bill Hall, editor of the Lewiston Tribune in Lewiston, Idaho.


This was only the beginning of all the fallout that lasted several weeks. 

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