In The Press

Priggee planes hit home

By: Kathy Collins
Publication: Letters to the editor: The Local Planet
Date: Dec 27, 2001

The best editorial cartoons are the ones that take your breath away with their clarity of purpose, usually requiring only one glance. The Milt Priggee cartoon of December 13 is tasteless, inappropriate and so strange as to make no sense at all. Once past my horror that someone in my community would use the horrific events of September 11 to (badly) try to convey something (I still can’t figure out what!) about people here. Well, perhaps those planes he depicted should have had The Local Planet Weekly printed on them.

It has seemed for some time that your sole delight and focus has been bashing the Cowles family for actions undertaken to create a vibrant downtown – a downtown in which you’ve located your own offices, I notice. Is it impossible for you, as it seems to be for certain members of our city council, to find nothing good about this city, or to find nothing else worthy of your concern and sharp-clawed inquiries?

Spokane’s downtown was dangerously close to becoming a stinking hole. Members of the Cowles’ family and representatives of its businesses formed alliances to accomplish salvage, rather than destruction. Perhaps the several thousands of Spokane residents who appreciate what we now have downtown, including the parking garage, could each provide a smidgen of flesh. I’m sure we could come up with enough to give you, Tom Grant, Steve Eugster and their cronies the pound of flesh they so desperately want.