Apr 21, 2009

 Two recent passings in Journalism...

First Jim Lange, long time editorial cartoonist of the Daily Oklahoman passed away at the age of 82. He drew in excess of 19,000 cartoons for his paper over a 58 year tenure. Jim and his beautiful wife Helen were running the sign- in desk at my first AAEC  convention in Nashville, so they were the first cartoonists I met outside of Chicago. Jim always had a kind word and support for every young cartoonist  he ever met. He will be missed.

And Speaking of Chicago....

Nick Shuman, a Chicagp Daily News editorial writer also recently passed away. The first time my mentor John Fischetti took me out to lunch was with Nick Shuman. He may have been a short man of stature but he was a giant  journalistically. I only wish I had more time to get to really know the Daily News journalists who introduced me to the world of newspapering.

I guess I have to accept that these passings will only increase as time continues to pass.

-Milt Priggee

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