ISiS is coming! ISiSI is coming!

Apr 28, 2015

Monday April 27 reported that online Jihadis had been calling for the murder of Australian and American cartoonists. They may be talking about the provacative Australian cartoonist, Larry Pickering but I believe they would get a lot more mileage with an attack on an American commentator, on U.S. soil. I also believe the terrorists are more interested in a little Muhammad Cartoon Contest put on by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. AFDI is an anti-Muslim right-wing hate group that is intent on picking a fight with whatever right-wing Muslim hate group will take their bait. AFDI claims that they are sticking up for America's freedom but the more I learn about them the more I feel they just have a lot more hate for Islam then love of America.  

-Milt Priggee

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