Media Monday

May 10, 2015

Wow- the day before National Cartoonists Day and we have the results of the first annual Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest.

Just another cartoon contest...... that produced three shot- two dead...fortunately the two dead were the terrorists. The winning cartoon can be seen at the winner's site link above. The winner, Bosch Fawstin won both the $10,000. grand prize AND the $2,500. People's Choice Award. Congrats Bosch.

Pam Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative baited the 'Kill the Messenger Crowd' and they bit. Specifically, Pam set her trap down in Garland, TX too bag herself some disaffected ISIS wannabes. SO, now we're fighting ISIS here outside the art galleries of mid-America.

Some say that Ms Geller is a media whore or they should say a media john, who used her money to buy what she wanted- publicity. World wide publicity, the kind of publicity that easily translates into some strange credibility. It only cost her $12,500. prize money for cartoons another $10,000. or so for extra security and some more thousands for the venue, marketing, speakers, and catering....oh and the two seventh century literalist lives. Such a deal.

These two mass-murderers to be, drove from Phoenix to Garland, TX and were armed with the weapons to accomplish their weird interpretation of the Koran. 

Personally, my opinion is split on Ms Geller, as it is on Fred Phelps and Larry Flynt as I believe all three have/had more hate for their targets than they have love for the First Amendment. On the other hand, I may disapprove of what they say but I'll defend to the death their right to say..... whatever. Welcome to America 


-Milt Priggee

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