George and political donations

May 20, 2015

What the f**k was George Stephanopoulos thinking when he wrote not one, not two, but three checks totaling $75,000. to the Clinton Foundation!!!(?) He spent $75,000, of his own money to totally destroy his own journalistic credibility.

ABC was already taking a gamble on hiring a political creature to read the news and ask politician questions. Now the bottom line is ...ABC lost the gamble. They put all their money on George and spun the wheel and lost big.

Anybody in journalism- all you really have is your credibility. Credibility to ...not ask the tough questions....but the credibility to ask ANY questions. Now for the foreseeable future anytime any ol' George asks anybody any questions the viewer will be thinking about his political check writing to Bill and Hillary.....two political creatures who are drowning in money.....and why did he do it...? Was it worth it....? Why did you risk a $105 million ABC contract....? How stupid can you be...?

Why did he do it....? I can only say, it was/is karma's way of saying- you're just being paid way too much money for whatever you're doing.

-Milt Priggee

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