Media Monday

Jun 8, 2015

Between American newspaper publishers, Islamic radical murderers, Assad's Syrian thugs and now Tehran's Revolutionary's truly amazing editorial commentary still exists anywhere in the world today.

Specifically, a 28 year old Iranian artist-activist Atena Farghadani has ben sentenced to a 12 year prison sentence for expressing her opinion. Her visual opinion posted here depicts Iran's parliamentarian's with the heads of animals. Now I really don't know how they, meaning Iran's parliament could've read that these animal headed voters were themselves portrayed....unless of course they ACTUALLY  DO look like these animals. I mean there were no labels or any other forms of identification as to who was Atena must've really captured their likenesses.

To underline the chilling effect of this travesty. Atena's cartoon did not appear in a major metro newspaper or any kind of televised broadcast. As far as I am aware it wasn't even published by any news organization. Atena's cartoon was posted on her own personal Facebook page.

If the Iranian parliament was truly concerned about being portrayed as animals they wouldn't be acting like animals. Instead they proved Atena's opinion to be super their animal actions speak louder than Atena's cartoons. If you use your power of the state to make an example of what happens to somebody who speaks truth to are an animal. 

Atena, has less than two weeks to appeal her sentence. Letter writing campaigns are sprouting up along with her foreign cartooning colleagues, using their visual skills to draw their own cartoons about the theocracy called Iran. I'll have mine posted on my own web site and FB page tomorrow.

Not only are they, the Iranian parliament and it's system of justice animals, they are very stupid animals. Stupid because, they have taken an image from social media and elevated it to world-wide prominence and exposure that could not be bought. This is just the stupid animals way of telling everybody that they are now entering the Twilight Zone of power. A majority of Iran's citizens were born after the revolution so the supreme leader's biggest concern shouldn't be about perceived insults.

Remember the JFK quote...Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

Sadly our world is quickly becoming more and more of a One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest insane asylum. If anybody deserves to be locked up for over a decade it's the people who have the power and will to Kill the Messenger.  


-Milt Priggee

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